About Us

Clients and consultants are consistently looking for latest technologies and experienced solution providers to fill the gaps in those areas and to upgrade their existing outdated systems or to add features/functionalities that will benefit their ongoing processes/businesses.



Optimation FZE is located in Dubai Airport Free Zone-UAE, with operations in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. By collaborating with our customers and industry experts, we are able to provide provide advance applications, business best practices, and prescriptive guidance for full automation environment.


Our clients are in every industry such as building automation, oil  & gas, petrochemical, power, utilities, water & wastewater, food & beverage, telecommunications, etc. Extensive Industrial Automation expertise combined with market familiarity are essential factors in creating the optimum mix of products and services that fit clients’ needs and ultimately achieving  customer satisfaction.


We aim to be one of the best Industrial Automation solution providers in the Middle East providing industrial automation solutions that suit the client aspirations and also provide continuous support to our clients during all aspects of their projects.





Optimation FZE portfolio of offering includes complete industrial automation solutions utilizing selected best-in-class hardware and software products such as RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units), Data Loggers, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), DCS (Distributed Control Systems), SCADA systems and their accessories.